Comprehensive support package still needed for aviation, says Prospect

25 June 2021

While it is welcome that the government has indicated there could be a further relaxation of travelling restrictions later this summer, the aviation sector is still in desperate need of a comprehensive support package says Prospect.


Mike Clancy, Prospect General Secretary said:

“Government signalling that some travel can be opened up safely this summer is clearly welcome for an industry that is currently on its knees. We have been warning for months that with the clock ticking on furlough, action needs to be taken to protect the jobs and skills of our members.

“However, it is apparent that even the limited relaxation of restrictions later in the summer that is now on the cards will not be sufficient for anything close to a full bounce back. This means that the government must bring forward a comprehensive sector support package, extending furlough and providing relief for fixed costs in areas like airports and air traffic control.

“We are calling for the government to bring forward the detail and timing on the changes it intends to make, particularly on the waiving quarantine for vaccinated passengers. It will take time to put plans and people in place, including things like refresher training, and the industry needs clarity to do this.

“People also deserve to know the full basis on which the government are making decisions about the traffic light system. For example while the green watch list may enable some travel, travellers will be worried about the risk of a country being downgraded and there is no way to judge how this decision will be made, with what notice.”


Prospect has members working in aviation, road, rail and maritime transportation, as well as regulation and research.