Computacenter 2011 Pay Negotiations

19 April 2011

Following a number of meetings with the company Prospect have now received a final, without prejudice, offer for the 2011 pay review. This offer letter is attached.

This offer was made following lengthy discussions with the company about their performance this year, the wider economic environment in which they operate and the need to reward and motivate Computacenter employees.

The offer is of a 1.7% consolidated increase for all members, plus an increase to employees’ salary to £36,000 p.a. should they fall below that figure once the 1.7% increase has been applied. Your Prospect representatives had argued for an uplift for those with the lowest salaries, a consolidated increase for all and a bonus payment. The bonus ‘pot’ offered by the company was however, we felt, insufficient to generate a meaningful non-consolidated bonus for all. Your representatives therefore believe that figure is better used to improve the consolidated increase to all base salaries. We will continue to press the company for a meaningful bonus, in addition to a base salary increase in future years.

The final offer compares well with settlements across the industry, that offered to other represented groups across the company and is an improvement on last year’s very difficult set of negotiations. Whilst it falls short of the current level of inflation we believe it is the best achievable by negotiation alone and we recommend it to you.

You will shortly be receiving a separate email with your unique username and password to allow you to vote on whether to accept this offer. You have until 12 noon on 4th May 2011 to cast your vote. We have set up a call to discuss this with you before you vote in the ballot. The call will take place at 12noon on Wednesday 20th April 2011 and the dial in details are; 0207 819 4009 or 0800 731 7239, pin 29791976 #. Please make every effort to attend this call and I look forward to speaking with you then.

Should you wish to discuss this in more detail please contact Andy Kimpton on Andy.Kimpton@computacentercom or John Marsh on [email protected] or myself on 020 8971 6034.