Computacenter Pay Review 2010

9 June 2010

Prospect have now received a final offer for the 2010 pay review

Thank you to all members who joined us to discuss this issue on our conference call held on Thursday 3rd June at 12.30pm.

As discussed at that meeting Prospect have now received a final offer for the 2010 pay review.

This offer was made following lengthy discussions with the company about their performance, the wider economic environment in which they operate and the need to reward and motivate Computacenter employees.

A copy of the final offer letter can be found to the right of this page, which makes clear that the final offer is of either a 0.4% unconsolidated award (one off payment) or a 0.2% increase to pay (pensionable) for all members in the bargaining group. This would be backdated to the implementation date of 1st January 2010.

You will shortly be receiving a separate email with your unique username and password to allow you to vote on whether to accept this offer. You have until 12 noon on 15th June in order to cast your vote. Your Prospect negotiating team have a number of concerns about this offer which prevent them from making a positive recommendation to you in the ballot. However members should be aware that if they vote against this offer in the ballot they would need to be prepared to take industrial action as a result and the indication we have received from the company is that this will be unlikely to change the offer at all. Your Prospect negotiating team propose to note the offer and reflect the concerns with it to the company in writing.

Should you wish to discuss this in more detail please contact Andy Kimpton on [email protected] John Marsh on [email protected] or myself on 020 8971 6034.