Feedback on BT Enterprise L&D location strategy

7 August 2019

Members of the Enterprise Industrial Relations Committee (IRC) continue to discuss the proposed organisational changes in Enterprise L&D with BT in the collective consultation period, in parallel with supporting you individually where you’ve asked for help.

Members have contacted us with issues about the location strategy and we are particularly concerned about the use of location as a prime selection criterion for redundancy. We have therefore asked for more information from James Iles about the rationale behind the location strategy that is being proposed. We have now received the attached document. Whilst the document is shared with us in strictest confidence, we are able to share this with you as affected members.

We now need your help to understand if the operational and productivity benefits described in the document will be achieved through the location strategy.

As L&D professionals, please can you review the attached documentation and give us your professional opinion on the location strategy? Is it justifiable? Will it meet the L&D strategic objectives? Is there an alternative that would still meet these aims? Please try to do this from an objective and organisational perspective rather than an individual impact one.

As a reminder, if you need individual support please contact the Member Contact Centre on 0300 600 1878.