Filling 117,000 new and replacement energy roles in a decade is a significant challenge

28 January 2020

National Grid has today published a report, ‘Building the Net Zero Energy Workforce’, which looks at the challenges for the UK in achieving its net zero emission targets.

The report suggests we will need 117,000 new and replacement jobs in the energy sector if we are to succeed.

Sue Ferns, Prospect senior deputy general secretary, said:

“National Grid is right to put the workforce at the heart of plans for a net zero economy. Its report provides valuable insight into the range and volume of skills that will be required to transform the UK’s energy system.

“The challenge of filling 117,000 new and replacement roles in the next decade alone is a significant one. It won’t be met through business as usual and neither will it be met solely through new entrants.

“Companies need to move from rhetoric to the reality of developing a diverse, inclusive, motivated and resilient workforce, making best use of their existing staff as well as widening their recruitment base.

“Prospect endorses National Grid’s call for a collaborative approach. Government, business, the regulator, and unions like Prospect all have a key role in hitting our carbon goals and achieving a fair energy transition.”

Read National Grid’s report here.