Firefighters at Jersey Airport to be balloted for industrial action over pensions

1 July 2024

Firefighters at Jersey Airport are to be balloted for industrial action by their trade union Prospect in a dispute over pensions.

New joiners have been barred by their employer, Ports of Jersey Ltd, from joining the Public Employees’ Pension Fund scheme (PEPS) and instead, only have access to a savings scheme that provides a finite sum and not a pension. These firefighters at Jersey Airport are the only group of eligible Emergency Service Workers on the Island to be denied access to the scheme.

Firefighters are due to be balloted in the near future. Any action taken will not interfere with emergency cover but may close the airport at times. Safety remains our top priority.

Prospect National Secretary, Bob King, said:

“Firefighters at Jersey Airport provide a vital emergency service, the same as any other dedicated emergency service worker. It is beyond the pale that Ports of Jersey has singled them out for this treatment becoming the only employer on the island who doesn’t value the work of the emergency services.

“The changes made will force Firefighters to work to at least age 67 whilst maintaining a high level of fitness and the ability to undertake significant physical tasks. the majority of which are required within the 3-minute Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) response time necessary for the licensing of the Aerodrome.

“The people of Jersey will understand that we have been left with no choice but to take this action, as we know they value their emergency services, and we hope they will support us in our call for equal treatment.”