Focus must be on defence jobs

16 March 2021

Prospect, a union representing thousands of defence workers in both the public and private sectors has responded to the announcement of the UK government’s Integrated Review of security, defence, development and foreign policy.

Mike Clancy, Prospect General Secretary said:

“This review underlines the need for a steady drum beat of defence orders to support the economy, jobs and national defence.

“As the government puts this new strategy in to practice it must focus on research, design, manufacturing and maintenance taking place in the UK and supporting jobs. By supporting defence spending increases we will invest in our sovereign capacity and capability to keep us all safe.

“At the same time the government can and must deliver on the economic benefits for local communities that sit alongside this spending.

“Investment needs to be in conventional capability, as well as emerging threats such as cyber, and new and emerging capabilities. The pivot to China should not distract us from other threats and challenges from Russia and in the Middle East. Dealing with all of these challenges, as well as others like terrorism, will need a full spectrum of skills and capability.

“The Public Accounts Committee report is a timely reminder of what has happened to defence spending under austerity. So any injection of new spending is welcome – but it should be realistic in terms of outputs and not based on illusory efficiencies.”

aircraft carrier runway


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