Global Services News

9 June 2015

Global Services Non-Sales Bonus

We then met BT and argued strongly that BT should make payments to all GS employees who were appraised at AS or better – even if these payments would be relatively modest – as that would be less destructive to engagement and morale than making ‘discretionary ‘payments to a small proportion of GS employees. We also pointed out to BT that there was a high degree of arbitrariness related to the bonus situation in GS. For example, a number of employees have transferred into GS late in the year (in some cases, as late as 30 March, just one day before the end of the ‘bonus’ year) who are caught up in this. There are also units of GS that have more than met their targets for the year (Security, for example). We also raised in the strongest possible terms the decision to award a £600,000 share bonus to the GS CEO, whilst the rest of GS’s employees would receive little or nothing by way of bonus.

Following that meeting, we wrote to BT setting out what we believed, and still believe to be, reasonable proposals to try to salvage something from the ruins following BT’s precipitate, arbitrary and unwise decision to pay no bonus in GS this year. You can read that letter here.

BT has now replied to that letter. You can read that letter here. In the union’s view, this response from BT fails to address most of the points the union has made to BT, let alone respond to them adequately.

We are pressing BT to meet us again – and at this meeting we will once again press BT on the reasonable, measured and sensible proposals we have put to the company as a way to limit the damage we are convinced BT’s current approach will do.

We now also want to consult you on next steps. We will therefore be asking you to complete a brief survey form. Look out for this over the next day or two.

Global Services Sales Pay Plan

The company have shared details of this year’s pay plan with Prospect.  We would advise you to make yourself familiar with the details of it – you can find those here.  It is vitally important that you ensure you are comfortable with the targets set this year since, under this scheme, if ‘Threshold’ is not met then NO payment will be paid out against the plan.

Global Services Paid Leaver Scheme

We know that the company has opened a paid leaver scheme that is due to close at midnight on Monday 15 June, with a leaving date of Tuesday 30 June 2015.

Remember that this scheme is completely voluntary on both sides – you should not feel pressured to leave the company but equally the company are under no obligation to pay you to leave.

The terms of the scheme are a minimum of three months’ pay for those with two years’ service, and one month’s pay for each completed year of service, up to a maximum of nine months’ pay.

Global Services Location Strategy

We know that the company continues to roll out its Location Strategy across the Line of Business so we thought it timely to remind you of your rights under the company’s own policies with regards to location and additional travel time.

Here are some tips on location issues; 

  • check what work location arrangements you are currently registered as having – are you a homeworker, an agile worker or an officer worker?  
  • check how long it would take you to travel from your current working location to the building you have been asked to relocate to (or buildings if there are a number of possibilities) 
  • ensure that any specific arrangements you currently have agreed with your line manager to accommodate any caring arrangements or disability related adjustments are formalised in writing, preferably through the agreement of a Carers or Disability Passport 
  • ask any questions or seek guidance from your local Prospect representative if you need to.  If you don’t know who that is please contact our Helpdesk on 0208 971 6060 or [email protected]


The company’s Effective Deployment of Displaced Individuals process states;

 “Location of Job – In some cases a job offered may require an individual to change their travel arrangements or incur additional journey time. It is impractical to give definitive guidance on what would constitute a reasonable offer to cover all instances, given the range and complexity of revised travel arrangements that may arise and the availability and frequency of public transport in any particular locality. However, as a general guide it may be considered reasonable to offer a job that involves an extra journey time on a regular basis of up to 45 minutes each way, so long as total travelling time does not exceed 90 minutes each way, on a regular basis. However, where an individual’s current journey time is greater than 90 minutes, it would be reasonable for an alternative job to be equal to or within the travelling time of the current job. Any exceptional personal circumstances will be fully considered in determining the reasonableness of a proposed location.” 

  • If you don’t fit those criteria you shouldn’t be forced into that proposed new location without your agreement.
  • The company can cease homeworking by giving 3 months’ notice.  However, to be co-located to a new building you would still have to fit the criteria above. 
  • Additional travel costs will be paid in line with BT’s Group wide policy. 
  • If your travel time is in excess of that stipulated in the criteria above, but you agree to be co-located anyway, that should be a voluntary move on your part. 
  • If you raise any issues or are concerned that you should be treated as an exception to the site strategy process the company should take those away for consideration.  If necessary, e.g. where you have health issues that might affect your working arrangements, they will seek advice/guidance from specialists.
  • If you disagree with a decision about your future work location you should seek the advice of your local Prospect Representative.  Your local Prospect rep will be able to help you draft any response and advise you on the process.

Recruit a Colleague

The more members we have the greater our influence in the workplace. So we would like to encourage all members to try and encourage colleagues who are non- members to join Prospect.

We are still running the Member Recruit Member scheme whereby you can receive gift vouchers worth £10 or make a charitable donation for the same amount for every new member you recruit (click here for further details). 

Please note that Prospect policy prevents us from being able to represent members who join with pre-existing issues.