Government action for cultural sector is right – but money needed this week

5 July 2020

Prospect has responded to the announcement of government financial support for cultural, arts and heritage institutions by the UK government.

Mike Clancy, Prospect General Secretary said:

“We have been warning government for months about the catastrophic effects that dealing with coronavirus was having on the whole cultural sector.

“It seems like the government has finally decided to act, but the devil will be in the detail.

“The government must start to pump money into organisations in the sector this week if we don’t want to see more job losses and employers folding. There can’t be any more foot dragging. Unions like ours still stand ready to work with government to get this right.

“Now the government have shown they are willing to act on this – it is time for them to act on the ‘forgotten freelancers’ too. These workers, so unfairly left out of government support schemes need some support too.”

Head of Bectu, Philippa Childs has responded in detail on the creative sector.