Government finishes consultation on the school improvement monitoring and brokering grant

19 July 2021

The Department for Education says it will proceed with proposals to attach conditions to the school improvement monitoring and brokering grant following a consultation earlier this year.

Prospect’s Education and Children’s Services Group was one of only two trade unions that submitted its views to the government on the matter.

The consultation had been set-up to seek views whether it was necessary to ring-fence the school improvement grant to ensure that it was used strictly on actual school improvement functions.

The three conditions that will now be applied to school improvement monitoring and brokering grants are:

  1. The grant can only be used by for School Improvement functions, for which the grant was intended.
  2. Local Authorities take active steps to support the successful and sustained return of all pupils to school and in addressing any adverse impacts of the pandemic on their education.
  3. Secretary of State to enforce these conditions in the event of non-compliance with these conditions, including, as a last resort, the right to claw back grant or withhold future funding.

The full response of the government’s consultation can be found here.

Education and children's services

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