Harland and Wolff closure would be a huge blow to UK shipbuilding

15 May 2024

It is being reported that Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast is at risk of closure.


The shipyard was due to build a series of Fleet solid Support Ships for the UK Navy, something Prospect warned they may not be able to deliver which would mean promised work going overseas.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is said to be blocking a financial support package which would keep the dockyard running.

Mike Clancy, General Secretary of Prospect trade union, said:

“Prospect warned time and again that sending billions of pounds of funding overseas to build fleet support ships for the Royal Navy was a mistake.

“To find out that even modest commitments to UK jobs and apprenticeships are at risk thanks to lack of action by the government, will be another blow to highly-skilled UK shipyard workers.

“As the Defence Secretary hails a golden age of shipbuilding, the government must make sure that every single UK job promised is delivered, and that future programmes commit to design, build and maintain in the UK to avoid this happening again.”

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