Indonesia frigate order shows value of UK design

17 September 2021

A leading defence trade union has welcomed the news that Indonesia has ordered two of the UK-designed Type 31 frigates for its navy as a positive sign in the progress of the National Shipbuilding Strategy.

The ships will be build in Indonesia, but will provide valuable work to the UK in the design phase. Prospect, which represents defence workers, says the deal shows the importance of ensuring that future naval vessels are designed in the UK, with an ongoing dispute about the UK government’s willingness to allow a contract for new Fleet Solid Support ships to go abroad.

Bob King, Head of Prospect’s Defence Industry Group, said:

“With the sale of Type 31s to Indonesia, we hope that the UK is beginning the see the fruit of the National Shipbuilding Strategy.

“Even though these ships will be built abroad, significant jobs will be secured here because the UK owns the intellectual property.

“With the Fleet Solid Support Ship contract we face the choice between bids with are designed and built in the UK, or those which are assembled here but which do little to support our design expertise or supply chain.

“The Type 31 programme is more evidence why the government must select a true UK bid.”


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