It’s time for the new Prime Minister to address the needs of the country

6 September 2022

Following a lengthy and bitterly fought Tory leadership election, we now know that Liz Truss will be the UK’s new Prime Minister.

In a special video filmed outside the Palace of Westminster, Mike Clancy, Prospect’s general secretary, says it’s finally time to stop campaigning among the Tory grassroots and to address the urgent needs of the country.

In addition to the cost-of-living and energy crisis, Mike also calls on Prime Minister Truss to cease denigrating civil servants, to invest in public services, to protect the BBC and scrap the privatisation of Channel 4.

He concludes:

“She needs to understand that workers’ rights are key to a healthy economy. She must not go on this deregulating attack, which has been part of her history and must not be part of her future.”

Watch the whole of Mike’s message to the new Prime Minister in the video above.