Just Transition Commission report is an important step in addressing the climate crisis

23 March 2021

Scotland’s Just Transition Commission, which was convened to look at how we move to a low carbon economy in a way which is fair to communities and to workers, has published a series of far-reaching recommendations today.

The Commission’s report makes recommendations across four key messages:

1. Pursue an orderly, managed transition to netzero that creates benefits and opportunities for people across Scotland. Delivery of this must be a national mission.

2. Equip people with the skills and education they need to benefit from the transition.

3. Empower and invigorate our communities
and strengthen local economies.

4. Share benefits widely and ensure burdens
are distributed on the basis of ability to pay.

Mike Clancy, Prospect General Secretary, responded:

“Prospect welcomes the report of Scotland’s Just Transition Commission as an important step in addressing the climate crisis.

“In seeking to put Just Transition at the heart of Government decision making, and workers and communities at the heart of a Just Transition, the aspirational approach taken by the Commission sets a clear lead for the work of other Governments in the UK and beyond.

“Reaching Net Zero carbon emissions in a way that is fair to everyone will need both and ambition and commitment, but if done properly it will be key to delivering decent jobs and an economic recovery after the pandemic.”