Leaked plans for 40% cuts would hit public hard and do nothing to help cost-of-living crisis

20 May 2022

Prospect has responded to reports by Sky News that government departments have been asked to model cuts of up to 40 per cent in head count.

Mike Clancy, General Secretary said:

“That the government has asked departments to model 20, 30 and 40 per cent head count reductions demonstrates how deeply the government is prepared to cut public services.

“This is ideologically driven – the reality of these cuts is that they would impact most on those who rely on our public services, and it is a nonsense to suggest that they would go in any way to address the cost-of-living crisis facing the nation.

“Against the backdrop of a poverty of ideas the government wants to slash public services today to fund tax cuts before the election. This is naked self interest, not considered, effective government.”

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