Ludicrous that MP accused of rape is only excluded from parliament voluntarily

19 October 2020

An MP currently being investigated by the police for rape has had his bail restrictions lifted but the investigation is ongoing.


Before the MP had his terms changed he had agreed  voluntarily not to enter the parliamentary estate. At the time Prospect said this was unacceptable and that the House of Commons authorities should mandate a ban from the estate. It is currently unclear if the MP will continue to exclude himself from the Palace of Westminster.

Garry Graham, Prospect deputy general secretary, said:

“The MP accused of rape is still under investigation for a serious crime and even though his bail restrictions have been lifted we need assurances from him and from the House that he will continue to exclude himself from the parliamentary estate.

“It is ludicrous is that this is a voluntary matter for the MP himself instead of something set down by the House.

“This failure to have a policy that permits the exclusion of an MP facing serious sexual misconduct charges is a failure in the House of Commons Commission’s responsibilities to its staff, particular female employees. It continues to send entirely the wrong message to the public.”