Museum of London staff announce half-day strike

11 October 2019

Prospect union members working at the Museum of London have announced a half day strike on 24 October. The strike is part of an ongoing pay action after the museum imposed a 1.5% pay rise.

The 1.5% pay rise is the latest in a series of below-inflation pay rises which have left workers in the Museum of London experiencing a 6% real terms pay cut since 2013.

Over this time the gap between the highest and the lowest paid in the organisation has grown. The director’s salary has increased by 4.7% in real terms, this includes a 5% increase (including bonus) last year, and the number of employees earning over £100k a year has doubled.

Sharon Brown, Prospect negotiations officer, said:

“Museum of London’s refusal to even give our members an inflationary rise means that yet again basic wages will not be keeping up with the cost of living. Management have left us with no option but to take industrial action.

“Workers have had a 1.5% pay rise forced on them but the director saw her pay increase by 5% last year. This discrepancy shows there is money available and makes our members all the more determined to get a fair deal.”

The Museum of London covers two sites at the Barbican and Docklands.


The Museum claim that by using performance pay (bonus scheme), the pay increase will be equal to inflation.

Prospect disputes that employees should have to qualify for a bonus just to keep up with the cost of living. People need to be able to plan their finances and look after their families. A bonus should give people the possibility of improving their quality of life, not simply bring them up to the level they need to survive.