My life as a Prospect apprentice

Beth Barrows · 6 February 2019

My life as a Prospect apprentice

Hi, my name is Beth and I am currently a digital marketing apprentice at Prospect.

I decided to do an apprenticeship because I wanted to dive straight in to the world of work but I didn’t yet have all of the skills I needed for what I wanted to do. Being an apprentice has allowed me to gain more expertise; it has allowed me to realise what I really enjoy and it has helped me gain really valuable experience.

After months of job hunting and many unsuccessful interviews I finally landed my position here at Prospect. At first, I felt a little bit lost in such a busy environment but with some great mentors, I settled in and started to feel of value to the team.

I have been exposed to some great opportunities and really want to utilise my time as an apprentice to get the most I can out of it. I find myself taking on more and more responsibility and becoming more independent in my work.

Day to day, I am responsible for scheduling posts on social media, creating digital content for our platforms, filming and editing video content and other tasks that need doing. On top of this, I also get training from my apprenticeship provider, which for me is all done online through a webcam. This is great as I can fit this in around my workload and I get to interact with other apprentices like me from across the country.

Overall, I am really grateful to be doing an apprenticeship as I always have a support network behind me if I need it, whether this is from my skills coach, or my line manager. I have been able to learn things from everyone in my team and can take away with me knowledge from multiple job roles. I feel like I can go into the future with a stronger skillset, and a wider understanding of communications.

Beth Barrows is a digital marketing apprentice at Prospect union.