My Prospect apprenticeship

Geeta Nandhra · 4 February 2020

My Prospect apprenticeship

I work for Prospect Union as an IS Desktop Administrator in the IT department, and I have recently completed an apprenticeship in Infrastructure technician.

My job involves creating new users, resetting passwords, and adding users to distribution groups among many other things. I enjoy that my job changes every day depending on the queries I receive in the mailbox.

I undertook an apprenticeship, because it helped me to refresh my skills and allowed me to gain new knowledge — such as working with the active directory (AD) on a daily basis and creating new virtual machines. Everything I learnt on the apprenticeship helps me with my day to day job and I continue to learn a lot from my colleagues.

I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship as there is a lot that can be learnt whilst on the job. This has built on the skills I gained from my degree and overall made my knowledge and CV much stronger. Because I did the apprenticeship I have secured a full time job within the IT team.

I think the apprenticeship scheme is great and people should definitely consider if it, if it is right for them.

Geeta Nandhra is the IT Desktop Systems Administrator at Prospect Union.