New Buildings Safety Regulator must be properly resourced

20 January 2020

A new Buildings Safety Regulator, based in the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), must be given the resources to do its job properly, Prospect has warned.

The government announced on Monday 20th January that they were setting up a new regulatory body as part of their response to the Grenfell Tower fire. The new body will be based at the HSE because of it’s vast experience at safety regulation.

However cuts in recent years have left the HSE struggling to fulfil its functions and to recruit and retain skilled staff.

Garry Graham, Prospect deputy general secretary, said:

“Prospect welcomes in principle the formation of the new buildings regulator, in particular its inclusion within the health and safety executive. HSE has a breadth of regulatory experience at its disposal and it is a deserved vote of confidence in its staff that it will be managing the formation of the new regulator.

“Over the past few years, however, funding constraint has led to more and more pressure being put on HSE staff with recruitment and retention falling behind requirements. It is essential that the formation of the new body is backed up by appropriate levels of both funding and regulation to give it the teeth and resources it needs to do a proper job.”