New R&D spending must be used to rebuild vital public sector science capacity

11 March 2020

In the Budget today the Chancellor announced a welcome £22bn in R&D spending.  This must be used to improve public sector science capacity and must not be considered a replacement for access to EU collaboration.

Garry Graham, Prospect deputy general secretary, responding to the announcement of new R&D spending n the Budget, said:

“The Government’s commitment to invest more in science and research across the country is a welcome step.

“It is vital that this money is used to rebuild vital public sector science capacity which has been eroded in recent years, and that the new funding is matched by private sector investment in key sectors like telecoms and pharmaceuticals.

“However the government must not fall into the trap of believing that investing in science and research compensates for the loss of access to EU science funding and networks. It is still vital to secure a comprehensive science partnership with the EU and the government must commit to upgrading their ambitions if we are to fulfil our science potential as a country.”