New ‘Standards’ and guidance notes published for ECSG professionals

20 July 2020

Prospect has published guidance notes to accompany its ‘Standards’ documents for professionals working in education and children’s services, and in addition, also published two new separate ‘Standards’ for Northern Ireland and Scotland.

The original ‘Standards’ document (for ECSG professionals in England) was updated last November for the first time since 2014, and are intended to help outline the responsibilities and development of ECSG professionals. They also provide a roadmap to aid continuing professional development.

We have now published separate ‘Standards’ documents for Northern Ireland and Scotland that have been specially adapted and tailored to reflect the different education systems in those countries.

The new guidance notes complement all the ‘Standards’ documents to help professionals use, interpret and get maximum value out of them.

The documents can be downloaded from the Prospect library:

Strong feedback

In a recent survey, many ECSG members shared their positive feedback on the ‘Standards’ and how they were using them, whether it was preparing for job interviews, identifying gaps in their training, or benchmarking their progress.

Much of the work on ‘Standards’ was led by Paul Watson, the ECSG vice-president.

“They can be used for recruitment and can be used as person specifications for jobs, but they are very much tools for professional review and development,” he said last year.

He added that Prospect’s continuing commitment to updating the documents and keeping them relevant in a more fragmented education landscape is a ‘nice gift’ to professionals working in the sector.