New support ships are welcome but procurement must back UK jobs, skills and the supply chain

14 May 2024

Defence Secretary Grants Shapps has announced that development has begun on up to six new Multi Role Support Ships (MRSS).

aircraft carrier runway

Sue Ferns, Senior Deputy General Secretary, said:

“This new programme is important but the work will need to be done at pace to ensure new ships come into service before their predecessors must be retired.

“Delivering all the naval capabilities the UK needs will require in future a proper commitment to the National Shipbuilding Strategy at every level, ensuring a steady drumbeat of work including design, build and maintenance.

“We have some of the best engineering and shipbuilding skills in the world in the UK. We need to ensure a new procurement backs UK jobs, skills and the supply chain.  Something that has been sadly lacking to date.”

aircraft carrier runway


We have more than 11,000 specialists, scientists, engineers and managers working in the defence industry.