Not good enough that freelancers will be left out of sick pay help

4 March 2020

Prospect has responded to the Prime Minister’s announcement at Prime Minister’s Questions that Statutory Sick Pay will apply from day one of self-isolation.

Prospect has been calling for this alongside firmer action to make sure employers pay full contractual sick pay in this circumstance. However today’s move will do little to help freelancers and self-employed workers represented by Prospect.

Mike Clancy, General Secretary of Prospect , which Bectu is a sector of, said:

“While welcome, this move will do little to help freelancers and the self-employed who will be some of the hardest hit by self-isolation.

“Most cannot access Statutory Sick Pay, so will still be faced with the dilemma of no pay or going to work when it may be putting their colleagues at risk.

“This simply isn’t good enough. The government must recognise the risk to everyone posed by this and put in place proper support for these workers.”

The government have said that the self-employed may be eligible for in-work benefits, however in many cases there is a five week wait for payments.