O2 Customer Service – Reach (KPI) Objectives

1 April 2010

Since October 2009 Prospect has been in discussions with the company regarding the Reach (KPI) objectives for Team Leaders across Customer Service.

During our discussions and recently we have received feedback that in various forums, O2 representatives have said or implied that the Union has “fully agreed” to the new targets being implemented or that it has “all been signed off” by the Union, this is not the case.

We have review meetings planned with O2 to continually monitor what impact these targets have on our members and how they impact IPR/APR scores and bonus. We believe that targets need to be SMART, fair, consistent, reasonable and achievable.

We will update members as and when any progress is made, and in the meantime it is imperative that you provide us with as much feedback as possible on how the targets are working in practice for you. Please send your comments to [email protected].