Openreach FND Regional reorganisation

18 Jul 2019

Prospect continues to hold discussions with the Openreach FND team on its decision to pause the reorganisation of the regional teams.

Members will now be aware that FND has pressed pause on the reorganisation of the regional teams (members who expressed an interest in release should be aware that this also means there is no paid leaver scheme planned at present). Prospect was informed of this on Thursday last week and given the same rationale Kevin Murphy presented on his all managers’ call yesterday.

The IRC believes that given the situation with ethernet, it is the right decision not to go ahead with selection at this time. However, the union is obviously concerned at the suggestion that the new regional structure, which has come about following many months of testing and tweaking may no longer be fit for purpose.

The IRC is due to have a meeting with the FND change team in a couple of weeks’ time, once the senior management team has reviewed its plan and will be asking why this change of position has occurred so far down the line and just as many members were preparing to attend interviews.

Yours sincerely

The Openreach IRC

Pete Pearson

Michael Warburton

Graham Skipp

Richard Collins

Susan Harding

Adrian Lilley

Graham Lovett

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