Organiser training in the tech sector: mapping your workplace and organising conversations

20 October 2020

Last week Prospect Scotland ran the first of a series of training sessions on practical organising for Tech workers.

We lead the sessions in small groups of new members and organisers. It was great to see new activists from both large and small companies, and work out together what the main challenges to organising are going to be.

The main question new members ask is: What now? What next? The idea of starting from scratch and building your membership can be daunting if you’ve never spoken about it to anyone before. We designed these sessions to give you the tools, knowledge, and confidence to start those conversations and start building your union.

We’ll be holding more of these training sessions in the near future. We’ll cover:

  • An introduction to unions: How they work, what they can do for you, what they can do for your collective workers
  • Mapping: How to plan out your workplace into manageable sections for organising. Learn how to keep track of everyone’s union activity.
  • Organising conversations: How do you bring up unions with your coworkers? How do you find out what their concerns are? This section will give you a route to follow and a matrix of responses to the most common conversation topics.

If this training sounds like something you could use email [email protected] or [email protected].

We’ll be running another session during Union Week, which is a great time to boost membership: new members get the first 3 months free of union membership free between 31 Oct and 6 Nov.

Union for tech workers

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