Prospect highlights pay crisis in heritage sector

1 July 2022

Prospect union, which represents members in heritage, has published a report demonstrating the disproportionate impact the cost-of-living crisis is having on workers in the sector.

Prospect reps and members with Sue Ferns and a banner with parliament in the background

On Thursday 30th June, Prospect reps, members and MPs held a photo-call at Parliament Square, to highlight the report.

Despite their crucial work in promoting British culture and protecting historical institutions across the country, pay for heritage professionals remains significantly low, particularly in comparison to jobs in other sectors that require similar skills.

Prospect believes it is time we properly valued the experts and specialists who bring so much value to our lives and add so much value to our economy. This means:

  1. Greater value and recognition given to heritage and heritage workers, with improved funding to address historic low pay levels and the current cost-of-living crisis.
  2. Greater employer flexibility on pay, terms and conditions, to enable wages to better reflect skills, qualifications, knowledge and experience.
  3. Meaningful pay progression mechanisms to ensure heritage staff can progress their careers and earnings.

Prospect’s Senior Deputy General Secretary Sue Ferns said:

“Heritage workers are the guardians of our history and culture – inadequate pay not only impacts the living standards of workers, but places British cultural heritage, education and historical research at serious risk.

“Heritage is also an important part of our economy, not only through tourism but also through for example the work of architects, facilitating major construction projects.

“Virtually every constituency in the country has some kind of museum or National Trust property that adds to and informs the character of the local area. We ask that MPs support Prospect and local heritage workers in their campaign for fair pay.”


From national museums to archaeological trusts, Prospect members are at the heart of our heritage sector.