Prospect launches manifesto on the future of UK aviation

6 February 2018

A Future for UK Aviation sets out the key areas that need to be considered to ensure safety and resilience across the sector and prevent a race to the bottom post-Brexit

Prospect members took different views on Brexit. However, it is undeniable that it has forced the union to confront the challenges facing the aviation industry and debate its future direction. Currently the government is failing to describe what a post-Brexit aviation industry will look like.

Prospect is calling on the government to:

  • break up the Civil Aviation Authority and establish a new UK Aviation Safety Agency
  • secure an agreement on landing rights for UK aircraft in EU member states, and intra-EU flying rights for UK operators
  • support continued membership of the European Aviation Safety Agency
  • exit the EU performance regime and design a new framework that supports the safety, quality and employment standards of UK aviation
  • end the planning blight that holds back infrastructure development.

To read the full manifesto click here.

Prospect represents more than 5,000 professionals working across the industry for airlines, airports, air traffic control services and the Civil Aviation Authority. Please share this important work and encourage your colleagues to join Prospect if they are not already a member, here.