Prospect launches new tech sector

5 November 2021

Prospect has today launched a new sector for tech workers.

Members of Prospect have been moved into the new ‘Information Technology and Telecoms sector’. With the growth of the tech industry and its growing range of occupations, and Prospect’s growing membership and campaigning in this area, we have creating a new home of tech workers within the union, reinforcing our credentials as the leading union voice on tech issues.

Our recent polling of UK workers featured recently in this BBC News article highlights the particular growth of  tech surveillance of all workers:

  • One third of workers are now being monitored at work
  • 13% of home workers are currently being monitored by cameras compared to 5% 6 months ago
  • Whilst, 80% of workers thought that the use of webcams to monitor remote workers should either be banned (52%) or heavily regulated (28%)

We have campaigned for a right to disconnect for all UK workers and tech workers are uniquely impacted by the rise of monitoring technology. We want to work to organise tech workers in the UK, influencing policy and providing detailed research to support our members interests and help change the industry to be more transparent, fairer and more equal.

Watch our launch video to learn more:

Mike Clancy, General Secretary of Prospect,  said of the launch:

“Tech is changing the way we live and work, including the jobs we do. Despite the promises of some in the tech industry, those changes are not always for the better.”

“We are launching our new IT, tech and telecoms sector to bring together our growing membership in digital technology, and to support a growing ambition from our members to fight to fair pay and better conditions.”

“Working together, we want to ensure Prospect is at the forefront of making sure tech works for workers, and that worker voices are central making tech ethical, fair and diverse.”

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