Prospect negotiates BT payment to help address the cost-of-living squeeze

29 November 2022

Prospect has negotiated a cost-of-living payment with BT to help members suffering from the unprecedented squeeze on earnings.

Under the pay offer, managers earning up to £50,000 would receive a £1500 consolidated and pensionable increase, which will be applied from 1 January subject to approval by members.

Prospect national secretary John Ferrett said:

“Throughout lengthy discussions with BT we have focused on achieving as much financial support as possible for members struggling with the cost-of-living crisis, and have been clear throughout that managers must not be left out of any solution.

“We recognise that some members will be disappointed by the scope of this offer, but it is a marked improvement, representing both a larger, consolidated payment and one that is applied to considerably more managers than originally proposed.

“We have been clear with BT that we will continue to push for other ways to help our members through these incredibly challenging times.”