Prospect responds to improved government pay offer following industrial action

2 June 2023

After entering meaningful talks with Prospect and other unions this week, the government has announced that they will offer civil servants below Senior Civil Service grades a £1,500 lump sum payment for 2022/23.

The government has also announced a moratorium on any changes to the Civil Service Compensation Scheme and committed to avoiding compulsory redundancies wherever possible.

Whitehall Street Sign

Responding to the offer, Prospect union General Secretary Mike Clancy said:

“We welcome this offer by the government which in principle addresses the three issues at the heart of this dispute.

“Our members in the Civil Service play a critical role in delivering public services across the country and I want to thank them for their commitment and determination. This payment will help to address the cost-of-living crisis they have been facing.

“For too long they have been at the back of the queue when it comes to public sector pay, and throughout this dispute we have been fighting for a deal comparable with that in the rest of the public sector.

“The industrial action taken by union members has been critical in getting to this point.

“We will now consult our public service representatives on the substance of the offer and formally respond to the government in due course.”

Prospect member on the picket line

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