Prospect survey highlights need for employers to provide better support for neurodiverse tech workers

19 June 2024

Prospect has published the results of a survey into the experiences of neurodiverse workers in the UK tech sector, that shows that just one in four employers in the sector have explicit policies to support those with neurodivergent conditions. Read the briefing.

More than a third of respondents reported experiencing discrimination related to their neurodivergent condition, and four out of five respondents have directly experienced challenges at work because of their neurodivergent condition.

However, nearly three quarters of respondents were not aware of any policies their employer had to support neurodiverse workers.

And while the survey showed that when a reasonable adjustment request for a neurodivergent condition is made it is usually accepted, many workers are reticent to make these requests – less than a third of respondents reported having made a formal request for a reasonable adjustment.

Key findings:

  • More than half of respondents (57%) that disclosed their condition have had a supportive response from their employer, this compares with 37% that have had a negative response
  • 85% of respondents reported that they tend to ‘mask’ their neurodivergent condition at work (Masking is a strategy used by some neurodivergent people, consciously or unconsciously, to appear neuro-typical)
  • Despite the significant barriers identified by respondents less than a third (28%) have made a formal request for a reasonable adjustment. It is more likely for respondents with a diagnosis to seek support from their employer (44% compared to 8%).

Prospect and its tech workers’ branch will use the survey results to inform campaigning efforts and resources related to how to better accommodate neurodiverse conditions in the workplace.

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