Prospect survey of Soulbury professionals reveals impact of pandemic

19 July 2021

A Prospect survey of Soulbury professionals has revealed the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on their work with more than 70% saying that they are now experiencing higher workloads.

Prospect’s Education and Children’s Services Group represents the largest number of Soulbury professionals in the country – it is the collective term for professional local authority education staff, such as school improvement officers.

In addition to higher workloads, Prospect’s survey of Soulbury professionals following the start of the pandemic also found:

  • More than 70% say their work more is complex
  • 50% say it has led to greater variety of their work
  • 80% say professional duties are more, or much more, challenging
  • Nearly 60% are taking on additional obligations outside of Soulbury work

On the nature of their work following the pandemic, the survey found:

  • A huge increase in email and phone contact
  • Work continuing out of hours, including evening and weekends to support schools, senior leaders and public health
  • Additional reporting and administrative tasks including on monitoring attendance
  • Additional tasks included interpreting Covid-19 guidance such as on laptop provision, free school meals and risk assessments.

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Education and children's services

Prospect represents nearly 3,000 professionals in education, children's services, early years, commissioning and children's social care.