Prospect urges the government to retain a significant stake in Fera Science as Capita sells its 75%

4 December 2023

It has been announced that Capita is to sell its 75% stake in Fera Science to Bridgepoint Group, the government owns the other 25% of the company.


There are concerns that as part of the deal Fera Science will derecognise its trade unions, leaving workers without representation.

Mike Clancy, General Secretary of Prospect union, said:

“Capita may wish to present themselves as a people centric business but as they confirm the disposal of their share in Fera Science they are also trying to remove trade union recognition. Presumably because staff having a collective voice does not suit the present management and future owners.

“This reflects badly both on Fera Science and Defra who retain a significant stake in the business. Prospect will ensure this attempt at derecognition is strongly opposed, and is made widely known and condemned.

“We are urgently seeking talks with the existing and new owners, and will be offering our members any support that they need.”