Prospect welcomes proposal for 5% public sector pay rise

21 November 2019

Prospect has welcomed the proposal in the Labour Party Manifesto to provide funding for pay rise of 5% for all public sector workers.

The union has been calling for politicians to recognise the need for above-inflation pay rises to make up for years of real-terms pay cuts for public servants.

Civil servants in particular have often been the ‘poor relation’ with many continuing to receive pay awards of below 2% despite the lifting of the public sector pay cap.

Labour have promised above inflation pay rises every year for all public servants after the initial 5% rise.

Commenting on the proposals, Prospect deputy general secretary Garry Graham said:

“We welcome that Labour has recognised the need to invest in public sector pay to restore incomes and ease the recruitment and retention crisis faced by areas of the sector.

“Public servants have borne the brunt of the pay squeeze in recent years and it in only right that they receive real terms pay rises in the years ahead.

“We look forward to other parties setting out similar plans to invest in our public sector and the people who work in it.”