Prospect Working for BT Survey 2019

18 Jul 2019

Prospect has launched its annual working for BT survey of members in BT.

We have run this survey for many years, and it gives us a wealth of information which we use to ensure that we represent you most effectively in our negotiations with BT. The survey asks you for details of the annual pay and bonus review that you received in 2019, as well as your thoughts and impressions of what it is like to work for BT in the current environment.

We always encourage members to complete the survey – and encourage your colleagues to do likewise since the more responses we get, the more accurate our snapshot of how BT has approached this year’s review.

This year however, it is crucial that we hear from as many members as possible.

You will have noted from our previous communications that the 2019 pay review was carried out without the support or agreement of Prospect. You will have also noted that part of the offer we are balloting on includes commitments to improve and increase Prospect’s involvement and influence going forward, starting with a proper pay review this autumn. Part of that review includes BT accepting that the outputs of this survey will help inform that review.

We have elevated the status of the survey so there has never been a more important year to complete it.

If you haven’t completed it before please do it this year. The survey will close at 4pm on Friday 23 August 2019.

You can find the survey here. It is divided into sections and will, we think, take you less than 20-30 minutes to complete. There is no facility to save the questionnaire and return to it later, so you will need to complete it in one go. It is a good idea to have your pay letter in front of you as you run through the questions.

Do let us have your views.

The stronger we are, the louder and the more effective our voice – please do speak to any of your colleagues who are not members of Prospect about the importance of joining us at this time. It is easy to join Prospect online at: