Public and local politicians join the fight for better wages at the Science Museum Group

04 Sep 2019

Prospect would like to thank everyone who supported us on our strike day on 30 August, it meant a lot to our members at the Science Museum Group to receive such a show of solidarity.

Ahead of the strike Prospect contacted the local MPs representing each of the museums, and we would like to give particular thanks to local politicians lending their support in our fight for fair wages with several joining us on the picket line including Rachael Maskell in York and Emma Dent Coad in Kensington.

Councillor Marcus Johns in Manchester has also written to the head of the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester in support of our workers and demanding the museum pay the real Living Wage.  He makes the very good point that one of the purposes of museums is so that we can learn from the past. One of those lessons is that paying a wage people can live on is essential to a healthy and productive community.

Prospect negotiator Sharon Brown said:

“After a very successful week of action, culminating in the strike on Friday, we now need to take stock and put pressure on SMG management to engage with us properly.

“Backing from the public is important and I and the reps want to thank everyone who gave us such great support on Friday. But there is more that people can do. The more people that sign our petition and the more elected representatives who write letters like Marcus Johns, the more likely we are to achieve a satisfactory solution.”

Read Councillor Johns’s letter here.

Sign our petition here.