Introducing Prospect’s new Race Action Plan

Christine Danniell and Mike Clancy · 22 October 2021

The murder of George Floyd in May 2020 led to a global movement bringing attention and exposing the blatant inequalities and the scale of racism in the USA.

An open introspection on race and racism followed in the UK, and we began to have renewed conversations about racism. Racism is a topic that is uncomfortable for all of us and, frankly, something that we do not like discussing: it forces us to take a position and, dare we say, action.

Organisations realised that they could not be silent as they have a key role to play and that this is not just a social or political issue, it is a fundamental business issue. If not handled properly it can impair brand and revenue streams.  Organisations are a great melting pot, where we meet colleagues from different communities who we spend a considerable amount of time with.

At Prospect, we have been working and focusing on how we engage and improve in this area, for several years, and this has started to bear fruit.

We are writing this blog together – as deputy vice-president and general secretary – as this is an issue for all of us.

Equality and diversity are union issues. They speak to respect at work, how people are treated by colleagues, opportunities and barriers to career progression, pay, power and discrimination. Our rule book includes a commitment to promote equal opportunities for all members and within their employment.

But we know equality is about more than rules: it is also about creating a culture of equality, diversity and inclusion as a union and at work.

Change is visible, we have an increasing number of active black representatives and case handlers and a strong network that meets once a month to discuss issues impacting the community. Our NEC is now more reflective of our membership, but there is still more to be done across the union.  There is still more work to be done to that effect.

A Race Action Plan

To help keep a focus on race equity, we have pulled our work together in a Race Action Plan that has been developed in partnership, and with the help of, black members and experts in the field – with members’ views at the core of the plan.

The plan aims to ensure that Prospect lives up to our ambitions on inclusion, meets the expectations of black members, and tackles racism and discrimination across the economy. The plan has been agreed by our National Executive Committee and will be regularly reviewed and updated as we progress the actions and learn from our experience.

Ultimately, it is about outcomes: when we look back in two years’ time, in five years’ time, will there be real, measurable change?

What you can do

  • Get involved in our work: join the union, get involved in your workplace branch or our black workers and BAME workers’ network.
  • Get your branch involved: ensure that race is on your agenda.
  • Be an ally: white people have a role in speaking up on race and equality as well.

Christine Danniell, Deputy Vice-President, and Mike Clancy, General Secretary

Our Race Action Plan

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