Real action is required to meet carbon targets – Just Transition Commission Interim Report

27 February 2020

Scotland’s Just Transition Commission has published an interim report detailing the action that is required now if we are to move to a low carbon economy in a just and fair manner.

Richard Hardy, Prospect National Secretary for Scotland and Just Transition Commissioner, commenting on the report, said:

“Prospect is very proud of the role it has played in today’s report which lays down a clear and developed challenge to the Scottish Government, industry and other stakeholders. Its call for more urgent action on policies, planning and investment is one that Prospect fully supports.

“Society faces no bigger challenge than the climate emergency. Prospect’s membership is uniquely placed both at the cutting edge of technological, scientific and engineering advancement, but also at risk from a poorly managed transition.

“We support the Scottish Government’s tough climate change targets however real action and delivery is required or targets will simply become windmills to tilt at.  We will not deliver a transition to a net zero economy unless justice for workers and communities is delivered by those policies.

“In its report the Commission has clearly shown that the current manner of transition to a low carbon economy is far from just. In particular we have not taken advantage of opportunities to create significant numbers of new high-quality jobs in renewables.

“A more joined-up approach by government, industry and other stakeholders including trade unions is vital to the delivery of a just transition.”