Revolving door for energy ministers holds back climate progress

15 September 2021

Prospect has responded to the departure of the energy minister, in the UK government reshuffle taking place this afternoon.

Mike Clancy, Prospect General Secretary said:

“This year was supposed to about the UK taking a lead on climate change, both at home and abroad, but this ambition is being held back by a revolving door at the energy department.

“Making genuine progress on climate change requires long term planning and commitment, whether it is on creating green jobs or driving forward critical infrastructure projects like new build nuclear, Boris Johnson is closer to zero progress than he is to Net Zero.

“Going through three energy ministers in just nine months in the year of hosting COP26 is not the sign of a government that is serious about hitting Net Zero.

“The new minister will have to hit the ground running if this is not to be another wasted year for progress on an issue where we simply don’t have time to spare.”