Science Museum Group redundancies show further targeted support for the sector is desperately needed

20 November 2020

Science Museum Group (SMG) has announced that it is entering a multi-stage redundancy consultation with 65-95 redundancies expected in the first phase alone.

Science museum

SMG operates museums across the country including the Science Museum in London, the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford, and the National Railway Museum in York.

The redundancies come after forced closure and vastly reduced visitor numbers due to the ongoing pandemic.

Prospect negotiator Sharon Brown, said:

“This is awful news for those workers affected but is indicative of a sector which has been devastated by COVID.

“Prospect has been working with the Science Museum Group (SMG) throughout this crisis to ensure that when it can open its museums it does so safely. But with tourism all but absent and a second lockdown in effect in England, footfall was always going to be extremely badly affected.

“Prospect will be working with the employer to ensure the best possible terms for those who lose their jobs, to minimise redundancies, and make sure as many as possible of those are voluntary rather compulsory.

“The government has to recognise that with no way of generating sufficient external income, further targeted support for the sector is desperately needed. SMG is an extremely high profile organisation and if it is in trouble, then many smaller institutions will be in real danger of folding completely.”


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