Science Museum Group workers vote to end pay dispute

10 December 2019

Prospect members working at the Science Museum Group (SMG) have voted to end their pay dispute after management offered two extra days of holiday as a gesture of good will.

Earlier this year SMG workers staged two one-day strikes and a week of action short of a strike after management imposed a below inflation pay offer. The offer also failed to pay the real living wage to the lowest paid workers.

Members accepted the offer of two extra days to end the dispute because management have pledged that next year’s deal will see SMG commit to a proper pay rise and to paying the real living wage.

Sharon Brown, Prospect negotiator, said:

“All our members wanted was a fair deal from SMG.

“The two days of extra holiday is a welcome gesture of good will and we have agreed to end industrial action. Prospect goes into preliminary negotiations with SMG having received a pledge that they will pay the real living wage from next year and that other staff will also be rewarded fairly.

“We are putting management on notice though – this dispute has made our union stronger and we will not hesitate to exert the power of our collective labour if they decide to renege on their commitments.”