Scottish football referees achieve workers status after campaign from Prospect

21 June 2024

Scottish football referees have achieved recognition from the SFA of their status as workers after a campaign from their trade union Prospect.

Until now referees were considered “self-employed” and so missed out on basic rights such as holiday pay and pension entitlement. In some cases they were even paid less than the National Minimum Wage.

Prospect Negotiator Ian Perth said:

“This is an important victory for referees who have been, to all intents and purposes, workers for some time but without the basic rights that status would afford them. This change will also mean a 12.07% increase on certain match payments.

“Our members are clear that they want an independent trade union negotiating on their behalf but the SFA continue to refuse referees access to collective bargaining. Hopefully this announcement will put us firmly on that path.

“Scottish Football referees are rightly expected to perform at the highest level , yet until now were not given basic employment rights. We see this development as a positive step and will seek to work with the SFA to ensure referees are paid fairly.”