Spread the word and support the work of Trussell Trust and War Child

Honour Bayes · 26 May 2021

As National Share-a-story Month 2021 comes to a close, we wanted to take the opportunity to profile some families and children who are facing real hardship, and get their stories told. We want to celebrate the work that War Child and the Trussell Trust are doing to help them and place you at the heart of a story where we can all get out there and help. 

War Child

The tragic events in Gaza have made headlines around the world, but amongst the rubble the stories of the children whose lives have been devastated are often forgotten. War Child want us to make their stories known and call out for support to help this charity do their vital work. 

In the first few weeks of fighting over 60 children were killed and while the rate of killing is shocking, to focus solely on the number of deaths would be to massively underestimate the impact of this violence on children on both sides of the battle.  

Many more children have lost their homes and are now sheltering in camps or bunkers.  Even if they are still sleeping in their own beds, these will no longer be the safe places they thought they were.  

Help spread the story of their plight and the call out for support in a social post like the one below:  

“Even though the bombs have stopped, the children of Gaza are still trapped in a nightmare. 

With the news of a ceasefire, @WarChildUK staff in Gaza can now rapidly scale-up their response providing essential supplies and urgent psychological first aid to thousands of children who have lost everything. 

Over half of the population in Gaza are children. As a @ProspectUnion member I’m signing up to help them. Please, give now to help War Child reach those in desperate need of help.” 

Trussell Trust

Until the end of May the Trussell Trust is asking us to raise awareness as part of their #GiveYourVoice campaign. The campaign is to build understanding among the wider public of the vital need for a hunger free future. They are asking that we sign up to this campaign and post on social media raising our voices to champion it and encourages others to sign up too. They are also asking that we share a poem written by someone with lived experience of poverty which powerfully highlights the importance for this campaign. Ideas for posts are below: 

“As a @ProspectUnion member, I’ve signed up to a #hungerfreefuture with @TrussellTrust and I call on you to do the same. Please sign the petition and retweet “  

“Together, we can create a Hunger Free Future. When one person goes hungry, our whole society is weaker. This @TrussellTrust poem by a person with lived experience of poverty shows why. Please watch it, please share it: 

Let’s raise our voices to help raise theirs

As trade unionists we believe in coming together to support those in need. This week we’re asking that you raise your voice to help raise those whose stories too often go unheard, both at home and around the world. To say that you won’t stand for a UK where people go hungry, or a world where children’s lives are blown apart by war.  

Please help by raising your voice today.