Sunak tech speech was a missed opportunity

12 June 2023

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has made a speech to launch London Tech Week in which he talks about the opportunities of AI and his hopes for the UK tech sector.


He failed however to get into the potential impact AI could have on work and jobs, and the need for adequate regulation to ensure everyone is benefited by emerging technology.

Andrew Pakes, Prospect Research Director, said:

“The Prime Minister’s speech was a missed opportunity to highlight the enormous impact that AI will have on work and jobs.

“Innovation is not just about investment but harnessing the skills and talents of the UK workforce.

“Recent polling by Prospect showed 60% of people want proper regulation of AI in the workplace. If you don’t take the workforce with you as you change, all you do is create resentment and unnecessary fear.

“We will not be able gain the benefits of digital technology and AI unless we address the jobs transition and supporting working people in developing their skills.”

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