These are disturbing reports of bullying at Sellafield – no-one should be subject to racism or discrimination at work

10 March 2021

It has been reported today (10 March) that there have been instances of workplace bullying, harassment and racism against workers in Sellafield.


This is behaviour that will not be tolerated by Prospect which is meeting soon with management to discuss the problem.

Sue Ferns, Prospect senior deputy general secretary, responded to the allegations:

“These are disturbing reports. No-one should be subject to racism or discrimination at work. Prospect and other unions will be addressing these reports with the employer as a matter of priority.

“Employers need to work with trade unions to ensure that leadership on workplace culture comes from all levels of the organisation, and to embed good practice as part of everyday activity.  At a time when Black Lives Matter has focused attention on endemic racism, all organisations need to challenge themselves to ensure appropriate behavioural standards.

“Prospect will not tolerate discrimination, bullying or harassment and will support members subjected to such treatment.”