This fall in the cost of renewables must not come at the expense of working conditions

20 Sep 2019

The Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy today announced the results of its third renewable energy CFD auction which helps to support low carbon generation and determines the strike price for future generation.

Only some renewable technologies are included, for example onshore wind and solar are not.

Sue Ferns, Prospect senior deputy general secretary, responded saying:

“The continuing fall in the price for renewables is welcome, and essential if we are to reach an energy mix which allows us to achieve our goal of Net Zero as quickly as possible. But we mustn’t allow the headline strike price to distract from the flaws in the current system of financing and subsidy across the whole generation market.

“We require greater expansion of our generating capacity if we are to meet our energy needs in the future so it is odd that onshore wind is still not included in the auction. Further, the current system loads much of the burden of paying for future capacity on the consumer, which could be counterproductive in the long run and needs to be reviewed.

“This fall in cost must not come at the expense of working conditions in an industry characterised by high skills and professionalism. Wages and conditions must not be allowed to be sacrificed in the name of cost.”