Union concerns over FROTH-PAK Foam

13 July 2018

Bectu is in talks with safety specialists 1st Option Safety to secure the most up-to-date advice on the use of FROTH-PAK Foam Insulation a product used by construction workers in film.

Concerns have been raised about the short and long term effects of inhaling the foam due to incorrect usage and inadequate ventilation in workshops and on sets.

The union is strongly advising members using the product to follow the manufacturer’s product advice closely and to check that this is incorporated into the necessary risk assessment. Here is a key extract from the datasheet:

Safety and Conditions of Use – extract from manufacturer’s datasheet (Form No. 179-04478X-0311P&M):

  • Read the instructions and Material Safety Data Sheets carefully before use.
  • FROTH-PAK™ spray polyurethane foam contains isocyanate, hydrofluorocarbon blowing agent and polyol. Do not breathe vapor or mist. Use only in well ventilated areas or with proper respiratory protection. Supplied air or an approved air-purifying respirator equipped with an organic vapor sorbent and a P100 particulate filter may be required to maintain exposure levels below ACGIH, OSHA, WEEL or other applicable limits. For situations where the atmospheric levels may exceed the level for which an air-purifying respirator is effective, use a positive-pressure, air-supplying respirator (air line or self-contained breathing apparatus).
  • Isocyanate is irritating to the eyes, skin and respiratory system, and may cause sensitization by inhalation or skin contact.
  • FROTH-PAK™ foam will adhere to most surfaces and skin. Do not get foam on skin. Wear protective clothing (including long sleeves), gloves, and goggles or safety glasses. Cured foam must be mechanically removed or allowed to wear off in time.
  • The contents are under pressure.
  • FROTH-PAK™ foam should not be used around heaters, furnaces, fireplaces, recessed lighting, fixtures or other applications where the foam may come in contact with heat-conducting surfaces. Cured FROTH-PAK™ foam is combustible and will burn if exposed to open flame or sparks from high-energy sources. Do not expose to temperatures above 240°F.
  • Visit www.dowbuildingsolutions.com or contact a local Dow representative for more specific instructions. (extract ends).

Contact us

Construction workers are invited to share, in confidence if preferred, their experience of using the product by emailing Nia Hughes, organising official.

A further communication with branches will follow to update members on discussions with 1st Option Safety.

Download the full FROTH-PAK datasheet