Use AUKUS to boost UK industry

16 September 2021

The UK government must use the new opportunity of the new AUKUS agreement to create good defence jobs in the UK and strengthen domestic industry,  Prospect union has warned.

Bob King, Head of the Defence Industry Group said:

“The U.K. government must seize the opportunity of the initial 18 month study to secure skilled jobs here in the U.K.

“Our workers at BAE in Barrow, Rolls Royce in Derby and throughout the supply chain have proved that they can build submarines among the best in the world.

“The whole government should now be straining every sinew to secure the maximum amount of UK jobs and investment from this new agreement.

“Just as we are on the Global Combat ship project, the trade unions in the U.K. stand ready, with our partners in Australia and the USA, to make sure we deliver these assets in the ambitious time frame that is needed by the developing threat situation around the world.

“It is clear that partner nations are taking seriously the U.K.‘s ambition to play a greater  role in Asia-Pacific. Making this a reality though requires orders for warships to be placed and followed through on. This should start with concrete progress on the Fleet Solid Support Ship and Type 31 frigates, which will guarantee capability for the Royal Navy and jobs for our shipbuilding communities.”



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